13 Best Practices For A Comprehensive And Careful QA Process

The software testing industry has gradually shifted from Test Automation to Autonomous Software Testing (AUST). This shift was accelerated by the introduction of many groundbreaking AI technologies like ChatGPT. By “autonomous”, we envision a future where tests are completely created, driven, and managed by AI/ML, eliminating the need for human intervention. https://deveducation.com/ They have training materials and practice projects/testing sandboxes that you can take advantage of, and once you’re ready for it you can apply what you learned on a paid project. There are a number of crowdsourced testing sites, but those are the two that I used to get some additional testing experience before starting my current QA job.

quality assurance manual testing

In this scenario, we don’t really test, we can only check the system. Instead of spending hours scrolling through resources on the internet, testers can now jump straight to ChatGPT to find the answers for any questions that they have. Although concerns have been raised about the validity of these answers, they do offer a fairly decent starting point to further understand the topic at hand. Incorporating AI into the QA process takes us one step closer toward the autonomous testing future.

QA manual testing vs. QA automated testing

Either due to fatigue, distraction, perception errors, or even cognitive bias, testers may venture off the standardized path at some point. This is a particularly common issue in manual testing where testers execute test cases and interpret test results in their own way, leading to inconsistency in the process. Give yourself a timebox and explore as much of the website as you can.

  • As you take on the process of building a website, it’s important to know how these tests differ, and what they can offer throughout the development process.
  • The goal is to try and break the product or force it to malfunction.
  • Use case testing checks whether the path used by the user is working as intended and makes sure the tasks can be accomplished successfully.
  • Then the goal is to train your team members to push through the CMMI maturity stages until you’ve developed a robust quality assurance process.

It can very well be the case that it’s been tested for the wrong requirement. As it comes from the name, gray box testing combines elements of both black box and white box techniques. Testers are expected to have partial knowledge of the software’s internal structure, allowing them to design test cases that consider both functional and structural aspects of the application.

3. DevOps Testing

It requires significant effort to write, manage, execute test cases, document the outcomes, and verify results. As software complexity grows, scaling manual testing becomes much more challenging, leading to prolonged testing periods. The great thing about manual QA testing is that anyone can learn how to implement the process. That said, manual testers must be detail-oriented, possess project management skills, and have excellent communication skills. The tracking of quality assurance and its testing requires software that can collect real-time data and provide managers with easy-to-read reports.

quality assurance manual testing

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