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None of the drag and drop stuff you can quickly slap together today. In fact, computer scientist Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee designed the first-ever website at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Berners-Lee, who is credited as the inventor of the world wide web, also created HTML and used the language to code the CERN site.

  • Building codes are put in place so that folks can easily and safely inhabit spaces.
  • That’s why it’s important to keep it as simple as possible.
  • One way to increase traffic to your website is to build a website design with SEO best practices.
  • Themes make WordPress sites easy to customize regardless of your website design skill level.

The next step in designing your website is to create a site map and determine how many pages you need to create. Another drag-and-drop website builder that will host your website for you is Wix. Simply browse through their website templates to find one that suits you and start customizing.

Make elements stand out by adding white space around them.

But first, let’s discuss some of the basics of designing a website. That seems pretty obvious, but a lot of people treat them as if they were the same. Having complete control over how your Web design will look for everyone is impossible. We have added the red line to emphasize how all of the text has been horizontally aligned.
This is also a good time to start thinking about your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. No matter what type of business or brand you’re designing a website for, you’ll need to drive traffic to it for it to be effective. A theme is a file containing a pre-made layout and visual elements organized and created by a web designer. It eases the web design and development process for non-technical users. In other words, they don’t have to worry about building the website from scratch. Once you’re logged into your platform of choice, it’s time to conceptualize your website layout.
How to design a website
For instance, if you describe a service and want users to create an account, “sign up” is better than “start now! The action could be adding a product to a card, downloading a content offer, or signing up for an email list. Make your CTA elements prominent in the visual hierarchy (remember our Spotify example), but not intrusive or distracting like many click-through ads tend to be. Your header should contain your branding in the form of a logo and organization name, menu navigation, and maybe a CTA, and/or a search bar if well-spaced and minimal. On the other end, your footer is where many users will instinctively scroll for essential information.
Different stakeholders from different departments all get some pixels above the fold. Just be deliberate when selecting background colors for page blocks. To be safe, choose only slight variations or just always use white or light gray. Think of it this way, it’s good to differentiate your brand, but the layout isn’t the place to do it. When Chartbeat analyzed 25 million visits they found that most engagement happens below the fold. Content at the top may be visible, it’s not necessarily going to be the most effective place to put your calls to action.

Select a Template or Theme

This is a continuation of the information architecture you created earlier. Weebly and Wix are drag and drop web builders making them by far the most straightforward to use. The trick to successfully designing web pages is finding the platform that suits your needs and complements your long-term plans and goals.
We have a separate guide explaining how to purchase a domain name if you need help. In today’s digital age, businesses need a website more than ever. A website is a great way to reach new customers, promote your products or services, and build your brand. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities. With an easy to use website builder like Wix, you can create a website by yourself for your business or brand. By following the tips above, you can create a website that is both visually appealing and functional.
How to design a website
Otherwise, the website design can feel cluttered and unprofessional. A simple navigation system encourages visitors to explore your website’s content. That way, they can find what they’re looking for much easier, potentially boosting your site’s conversion rate. The next step is optimizing the website for better user experience (UX). The blog post page itself displays the article on the left, while the blogger’s profile and some call-to-action buttons are on the right.

Don’t Make Users Think

Many things go into this, from big things like a logo to small things like fonts and color schemes. You can play with the elements yourself–none of these things are complex. They need to look good together and show your website in a good light. If you’re using Webflow as your web builder platform, click publish! Webflow already offers hosting within the platform, so all you’ll need is your custom domain. If you haven’t already set up your domain, you can buy it from your preferred service, or go through GoDaddy or Google domains directly in Webflow.

Web Design Trends

Quick bit of housekeeping to explain what a platform is; it’s a website builder, it’s where the magic happens, and they’re chock full of all the tools you’ll need to create a website. There are a handful of prominent ones out there each with unique features and pros & cons. A web hosting company provides this service by essentially renting out space on its web servers. Think of a hosting company as a digital landlord that provides digital space for you to lay out your wares and market them to the public.
How to design a website
A CTA is a strategic prompt encouraging visitors to take specific actions aligning with the site’s goals. These include signing up for a newsletter, purchasing, sharing social media content, or starting a free trial. There are also domain name extensions made for specific types of websites. For instance, a .tech domain is excellent for tech-related projects, and .shop domains are often used for online stores.
How to design a website
Purchase a paid Site plan to publish, host, and unlock additional features. For those who learn by having a more practical origin to build upon, using a template could be a more viable starting point. Typically, you need code to transform these elements into a webpage and later an overall website as well as a database to store this code.
Designs with multiple columns (left side navigation, content area, right rail) are more complex, with more visual elements within the visitors field of vision. On platforms like Shopify, Wix and Squarespace, their interface has been designed to make it easy for anyone to create and edit webpages. You’ll simply create your pages, drag content blocks around and add in your copy and graphics. If you have a SaaS company, you’ll want to include product screenshots to give users an idea of what to expect if they sign up.

Squarespace also hooks up to certain website tools like Google Analytics and allows you to input necessary SEO information to rank in search results. Another thing that really sets WordPress websites apart from the rest of the platforms we’ll mention is the ability to add plugins to further customize your website. The next thing you need to know about WordPress websites is that you’ll have to purchase a separate WordPress theme. To give you a sneak peek into the types of hosting plans you might choose from, here’s a look at BlueHost’s options. There are many different hosting options, like GoDaddy, Cloudways, DreamHost, Hostinger or Bluehost, each with their own plans based on what you might need for your website.

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